Bull Riding Rodeo, Lebanon, USA

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During our trip on the Route 66 in the US, we got lucky one evening and got to see a Bull Riding Rodeo.  This was a small local event and was completely unexpected.  Indeed, on the way back from dinner to our motel, Akiko mentioned a lot of people in the distance telling me that something must be going on.  And this was the way we found this rodeo.

It was a first for both of us and we were quite impressed.  It was exciting.  And because it was a small event, I was able to go right to the enclosure to try to get some pictures.  It was quite difficult due of the lack of light and the need for minimum speed because of the action.  Yes, in the American tradition, the rider must stay atop the bucking bull for eight seconds. This is not a lot of time!  The rider has one hand tightly fastened to the bull with a long braided rope, and things go very fast.

Outside of the USA, bull riding traditions with varying rules and histories also exist in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia  — a number of interesting subjects!

Bull Riding Rodeo, Lebanon, MO, USA

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