Hola chicas, Bogota, Colombia

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Walking around the Candelaria area, in Bogota, we found a place full of mural paintings. A few young people were working together on a music video. They were quite happy when I asked them if I could take their photo.

Bogota. A huge and interesting city. I must admit that our first contacts with the city were unusual. A certain apprehension was taking place when we were about to go out in the streets. Sure, people around us were dressed in a somehow unusual way. A lot of poor people around.

From the personal at the hotel asking us if we were thinking about going out like “this”, because of my camera that was not hidden in a bag, to the people stopping us in the streets and telling us not to go in this or that direction as it wasn’t safe. Well, they did get us slightly worried, but at the end, we’ll be able to tell our grand children that we survived Bogota!

Encounter in the street, Bogota, Colombia, August 2013

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires
Bandoneon player, Buenos Aires, Argentina