Jidai Matsuri Festival, Kyoto, Japan

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Kid drummer of the Muromachi Period (1338 – 1573) in the procession of the Jidai Matsuri Festival, one of the three main festivals of Kyoto.

We came back to Japan just on time to see this Jidai Matsuri Festival. This festival, (the Festival of the Ages or different Periods of the History of Kyoto) is held every year on October 22nd.  October 22nd was the day, over 1,200 years ago, when Emperor Kammu decided to move the capital to Kyoto. From the beginning, the festival was designed as a pageant for the nation, a giant celebration of Kyoto’s people, culture and crafts. It unfolds like a brilliant picture scroll that showcases Kyoto through the ages.  All the costumes and accessories used in the festival are faithful reproduction of these used in ancient times. Today, the jidai Matsuri Festival is one of Kyoto’s biggest festivals, along with the Aoi Matsuri in spring and the Gion Matsuri in summer.


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