Kebyar Dancer, Ubud, Bali

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The Kebyar Dance is a male solo dance. There are various forms of Kebyar including the Kebyar Duduk and Kebyar Trompong. In Kebyar, the accent is upon the dancer himself, who interprets every nuance of the music in powerful facial expressions and movement.

Kebyar Trompong Dance, Ubud, Bali





The Kebyar is the most strenuous and subtle of Balinese dances. It is said that no one can become a great Kebyar dancer unless he can play every instrument of the orchestra. In Kebyar Trompong, in fact, the dancer actually joins the orchestra by playing a long instrument called the trompong while he continues to dance.

We stayed in a small inn in Ubud which is considered the cultural pulse of Bali. It’s a beautiful little town located on the island’s foothills away from the beaches and the noise. The picturesque countryside around is beautiful with terraced rice fields and flowing rivers.

Kebyar Trompong Dance, Ubud, Bali, Feb 2006

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