Lemon Festival, Menton, France

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In 1895, a group of hoteliers, seeking a way of providing winter entertainment for the city, suggested to the municipality that there be a parade through the city. By 1896, this new event of Menton was as popular with the local population as with the rich winter visitors. At the time, it was fashionable to spend the winter months in the mild climate of the French Riviera. Kings, Queens, Princes, artists and performers stayed in the palaces of Menton, or had splendid villas built.

In 1928, Menton was still the number one lemon-growing region in Europe. An hotelier had the excellent idea of organising an exhibition of flowers and citrus fruit in the gardens of the Hôtel Riviera. It was so successful that, the following year, the event moved into the streets, with carts covered with orange and lemon trees along with lovely local girls.

Wishing to develop tourism, the municipality sought to give to this new event a typically local colour: The Lemon Festival was born in 1935.

The festival still exists, year after year, and is still as popular as ever.

Lemon Festival, Menton, France

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