Maiko at the Hanagasa Junko, Kyoto, Japan

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The Hanagasa Junko (花笠行列) or Hanagasa Parade is, after the main Yamaboko Float Parade held on July 17th, the second largest public event of the famous and popular Kyoto Gion Matsuri.
The word hanagasa consists of two kanji: “hana” (花) means “flower” and “kasa” (笠) means “umbrella”.

It is a great opportunity to see Maikos, the geisha apprentices, taking part of the parade grouped together in carts pulled by young men. Fumino chan is a Maiko coming from the Gion Kobu Hanamachi (Gion geisha district).

Outing to Uji, next to Kyoto, Japan
Nagoshi no Shinji, Shimogamo Jinja, Kyoto