Maiko walking around Miyagawa-Cho, Kyoto

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Just about every day, I’m recently trying to be around Miyagawa-Cho between 5:30 pm and 6 pm.  This is the time the Maiko and Geiko walk around the Miyagawa-Cho street to go from their Okiya (house) to the Ochaya (tea house) they’ll be working in the evening.

And each time, the spectacle is different. One day would be colder than another and there will be less tourists or fellow photographers. Another time the small area would be packed with people.  Another day, there will be very few opportunities to take a picture.  Or no opportunity at all. And then sometime, it’s great.  The light is nice, it’s not crowded at all, or at least there is only minimum problem with people around, or something special happens. But always, the Maiko are beautiful and allow us to enter their world, so different from modern Japan.

Maiko in Miyagawa-Cho, Kyoto
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