Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal

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The Miraflores lock is one of the three locks that form part of the Panama Canal. The small lake that separates these locks from the Pedro Miguel Locks upstream is also called Miraflores. In the Miraflores locks, vessels are lifted (or lowered) 16.5 m (or 54 feet) in two stages, allowing them to transit to or from the Pacific Ocean port of Balboa in Panama City.  The ships cross below the Bridge of the Americas, which connects North and South America.

As a visitor or tourist, we can see all of the Miraflores locks operation. It really is pretty impressive, mainly due to the size of these ships, and the ease with which they are being moved from one end of the lock to the other.  A complete transit operation at the centre can take more than 30 minutes.


Ôka Matsuri at the Hirano jinja, Kyoto
Nepalese Newar, Kathmandu, Nepal