Sequoia National Park, California, USA

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We lived five years in Los Angeles and barely managed to only visit a couple of parks around California. I guess when one lives in a place, one doesn’t think about visiting the place like a tourist. But now, whenever we return in California, we try to visit some of these famous National Parks.

Sequoia National Park is not that far away from L.A. We found a B&B just outside one of the gate of the park. Very pleasant and friendly people, nice place, quite expensive, but so very convenient.

The park is pretty impressive. I felt that it really is when touring such a place that one realizes the actual size of this country. No doubt that compared to Europe, we’re on a different scale here. The nature is wonderful and these giant sequoia trees, the largest tree on Earth, are something really special. I found the place very powerful and it would be great to be able to stay a few days in such nature.

Sequoia National Park, California, USA


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