Who I Am

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This is not very important, but if you do need to know, I am French, in my fifties. After spending over 25 years in Japan and five in California, I am currently living in the South of France.
As you’ll probably guess quickly if you spend more than a few seconds on this website, I like to travel.
And I’ve always liked to take pictures. And mainly, I have always like to discover other cultures and meet other people.  This is probably how I ended up reaching Japan after spending a few months in the States.  And then I met my wife and stayed in Japan, and spent many years there.  These were busy years as I spent most of my time working. And then . . . .
Thanks to my job and the way of life we have chosen, we never stopped to visit new countries.  And of course, I always traveled with a camera with me, taking pictures of the people, of the places, of everything.  And after all these years, I decided to show these pictures and to talk about them online — Welcome to this virtual album.