Young Tz’utujil girl in Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala

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The Tz’utujil people are one of the 21 Maya ethnic groups that dwell in Guatemala. Approximately 100,000 Tz’utujil live in the area around Lake Atitlán. Their pre-Columbian capital, near Santiago Atitlán, was Chuitinamit.  In pre-Columbian times, the Tz’utujil nation was a part of the ancient Maya civilization.

The Tz’utujil are noted for their continuing adherence to traditional cultural and religious practices. They speak their own language, the Tz’utujil language, a member of the Mayan language family.  This young girl was wearing the traditional costume and headdress of her people, and kindly accepted to let me take her picture.

Santiago de Atitlan, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Jul 2011


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