A Pastrami sandwich in NYC!

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Each time we go to New York is a new opportunity to taste another one of these pastrami sandwiches. There are so many excellent places around the city, and each one of them is the original and the best.

Here, from one among the best you can try:

Nothing says “Katz’s” quite like our pastrami, steeped in eastern European tradition. If you’ve never tried our pastrami before, prepare for a life changing experience – it will melt in your mouth. It will delight your palate. You may think you’ve had pastrami before, but ours is the original and the best.

We only recommend whole pieces for those who know how to carve pastrami as it is a delicate process. We love our product and want you to as well! Sliced pastrami is easily heated up and enjoyed. Assume 2-4 sandwiches per pound. (NB: come into the store for a true Katz’s size sandwich…)

Svolvaer, Lofoten, Norway
Young woman in Harar, Ethiopia