Afar policeman, Armadilla, Ethiopia

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In cleaning up my photos, I recently found this photo of one of the policeman who came with us in the Danakil depression to visit the Dallol volcano and the salt mines.  This was an intense trip and the souvenir is still special to this day.  What a place!  Raw beauty of Mother nature and amazing landscape, and of course the few people we did get to meet were also very special.  The extreme way of life of these guys cutting salt from the ground, the same way it was probably done centuries ago.  And the caravans with the people walking up and down from and to the Danakil depression to the high-ground toward Mekele, with the salt loaded on camels.

It was the first time I actually had armed police (militia) and military guards with me.  This really was a special adventure.

Armadilla, Ethiopia

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