Fountain of the Sun, Nice, France

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When we decided to go to live in France, we’ve been really lucky to select the city of Nice. First of all, it is a beautiful city, small enough to allow for walking around, and large enough to offer just about everything we need. But the main advantage of this place is its climate, easily the best in France (except maybe for Corsica).

The “Fountain of the Sun” or “Fontaine du Soleil” is located on the south side of Place Masséna, in the center of the city. The fountain was originally inaugurated in 1956 (the year I was born). On it are five bronze statues representing Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn that were sculpted by Alfred Janniot.

A seven meter high statue of Apollo sits at the centre of the fountain — it was not present when this picture was taken but has been replaced in June 2011.


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