Biker, Winslaw, Arizona, USA

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Winslaw was a thriving town in northern Arizona just off Route 66. But then it got bypassed by the I-40 and many local businesses disappeared, tourism being among the hardest hit. Later, the La Posada Hotel (a wonderful place where we stayed) long at risk for demolition was restored and reopened, and it was a first step toward re-awakening the town.

The Standin’ on the Corner spot helped the real renaissance of Winslow, taking advantage of the fact that the town was mentioned in the song “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. This is where we met this group of female bikers.  They were touring the area on their big bikes, something I would have like to do one day.

Biker in Winslaw, Arizona along the Route 66
Group of bikers in Winslaw, Arizona along the Route 66



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