Milonga La Confiteria Ideal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In cleaning my photos, I found this one taken in a milonga in Buenos Aires.  Such a good memory. We stayed a month in Buenos Aires and went almost everyday to tango lessons and milongas.  My wife wanted to actually dance, but it was really difficult for me as I was watching these wonderful dancers in awe.  We went to all kind of milongas, traditional ones, modern ones, high level ones where most dancers are professionals, and even some popular ones held on open squares.

La Confiteria Ideal was conveniently located and one can go there in the afternoon. It is a beautiful one and is one of the most traditional one of Buenos Aires. The place was almost empty and there were only a few couples present.  One by one they made their way to the dance floor. It was magical to watch, mainly in the brilliant atmosphere of this old building.  We just sat for a couple of hours and enjoy watching the people dance, secretly wishing we could do the same.


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