The Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany

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The Berlin Judisches Museum is the largest Jewish museum in Europe. It is interesting, very well documented and full of symbolism, mainly when it comes to the Holocaust. It is not a mere museum with various exhibitions — it has a unique design and offers a unique experience. It is a must for anyone visiting Berlin.

The part that impressed me most was the Shalechet (“Fallen Leaves”) installation by Menashe Kadishman of Tel Aviv. Occupying a corner space called the “Memory Void”, it consists of 10,000 iron faces strewn thickly across the floor. The faces are coarsely stamped but full of expression, with mouths open in suffering. These faces seem to be alive, crying. One feels very uncomfortable, with the impression of being watched upon by all these lost Jews.

The Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany, June 2009

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