Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto

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Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion, is without doubt the temple I remember most from my real first visit to Kyoto in 1979. It was in the Summer and it was very hot and very humid.  I was traveling around Kyoto with a young Japanese singer who wanted to practice his French as much as possible.  This had been an incredible opportunity for both of us and I still have a great souvenir about it.

Kinkaku-Ji was so beautiful, even with this nonstop flow of visitors, and the buses full of young students in uniform coming from all over Japan.

Kinkaku-Ji, le pavillion d'or, Kyoto



At this time, I had just finished reading the book by Mishima, and here I was, in front of the Golden Pavilion.

Since then, I’ve seen it several times, and each time I am amazed by the view. Kinkaku-ji’s golden reflection on the surface of the pond before it.  This splendor is at its best when the pavilion is covered in snow.


Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden PavilionThe day before leaving Kyoto, I managed to arrive at the temple just at the opening.  The weather was perfect, the atmosphere very clear, and with a beautiful light and very few people, I took what I think are my best pictures of the pavilion.

Fire Festival, Hojuji Temple, Kyoto
Carnac stones, Brittany, France